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I can be found, as a friend of mine says "putting little dBs into the RF", as Amateur Radio Operator W8MU. [Click Here to send me email] .I've held five call signs in my time, N4UYT (bad on CW and Sideband), KN4BH (bad on CW!), KM7W ("you're not from around here, are you boy?" -- HA HA!), N5NW, and (briefly) K4MTR. Had my old call (KN4BH) been better on Morse Code, I would have kept it and not bothered with the vanity stuff.

But, since getting interested in Low Power (QRP) operation, I needed a shorter, more "CW-friendly" call sign.

The current station consists of a Yaesu FT-817 at 5 watts. Antenna is a doublet, about 35 ft off the ground, a 2m Squalo, and a 6m Horizontal loop.  Digital modes are accomplished through MixW and a PK-232.  I'm hopeful to get a beam up at some point. I have a CMOS III SuperKeyer, Kent paddles, Vibroplex Brass Racer paddles and the Envirotronic 501G paddle (through the computer). I've also got a CMOS II SuperKeyer for backup.

Past stations have consisted of homebuilt tuners and power supplies, a Sierra multi-band QRP rig, and a complete Kenwood TS-430s with MARS modifications. Former rigs include a Yaesu FT-897, Kenwood TS-570D(G), an Icom IC-746, a couple of Kenwood TS-940sat, and an Icom 706MkIIG. I was the Net Manager (callsign NNNØGBU-3) for Tennessee Navy/Marine Corps MARS. My personal Navy MARS call (officially a NAVMARCORMARS STA) was NNNØRBB. I also have owned a TenTec Argonaut 556 (nicknamed the "Cubbie", because it is a low-power version of the Ten Tec Scout), a homebuilt 38 Special (one of the NorCal Projects), and various VHF rigs, with an MFJ-1278 multi-mode controller.

The Antenna Farm used to consist of one parallel dipole for the 40 and 30 meter bands. It is made of 450 ohm twinlead, and only requires 100 feet of the stuff for four band construction! E-mail me for details, or check the ARRL Handbook, available from the American Radio Relay League, a national Ham Radio organization. Now, I just have some wire around! You can find more detail on the antenna page. This page also has information on my favorite compact antenna, the Distributed Capacitance Twisted Loop, or DCTL.

I'm a member of the Tennessee Contest Group. I'm currently classified as a pop gun, although I hope to make it up to little pistol some day. My idea for a club QSL card:

The font is Eros Bold ITC @ 34 point for the callsign and 14 point for the text below the line. Other text is in Arial 8 point, except in the confirmation block where 7 point Arial is used.

I'm a member of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International (#7514), the Internet QRP Club (#953), the Alaska QRP Club (#098), and the Northern California QRP Club (#2031). Click on the Club Names to go to their pages -- links for ham radio are abundant elsewhere, and I don't want to bore anyone with another page full of cross-links.


Tennessee Special License Plate application for Amateur Radio. Click on this link. Takes a while to load ... be patient.


I have:
two Heathkit wattmeters/SWR meters (2kW)

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